You can find out more about my career on my LinkedIn profile. Otherwise, you may know me from such times and places as…

Time Place Comment
‘87 - ‘91 Augusta,
Born and not much raised. I have a memory of mini-golf.
‘91 - ‘96 Signal Mountain,
Grade school. I had trouble coloring inside the lines (not in a metaphorical way). My dad let me use his computer and I remember playing a lot of ImagiNation and The Incredible Machine.
‘96 - ‘98 Baton Rouge,
I had this cool group of neighborhood friends. N64 and PS1 had their heyday. I wasn’t the fastest typist in my keyboarding class, but I was the only one who could get Frogger to work during recess, so I had that going for me. The trick was to change the display resolution of the Windows95 host ;)
‘98 - ‘03 Duxbury,
Computing was more commercially available, and I had the privilege of taking the AP CS (A) curriculum with a TurboC compiler licensed to my high school. I hung out with actors and other such nerds, and I was even in a couple of plays!
‘03 - ‘05 Ridgeland,
Finished out high school with proper LAN parties and an independent study in AP CS (AB). Did Speech and Debate. I tried track and field, but after it was clear I couldn’t jump very high they had me work the tracking software for runners’ stats.
‘05 - ‘09 Ithaca,
Got a bachelor’s in CS from Cornell. “What is difficult to endure is sweet to remember.
‘09 - now Mountain View,
Worked at Google for 6 years as a Software Engineer. Then went to Wavefront, leaving after it was acquired by VMWare. Then went to SimpleLegal, leaving after it was acquired by Onit. Now I’m at a startup in the education space.